Monday, October 29, 2007

A Hero's Return

The White flag flutters gloriously;
Foe becomes friend;tamed

There is someone waiting miles away,
waiting inside the hut.
Embers burning in a corner.
She sits with her knees folded.

The Garland;
and he was gone.
She thought;
they needed him.
There were thousands like him.

Bullets had finished.
The cartridge was empty.
He fought on,
the knife he still had.

They were returning.
(Burnt bunkers,torn fences,bulleted sand-bags;
leaving behind.)
With relieved faces.

The radio did speak:
Oh! how ecstatic it mader her;

The eyes did not know;
how he was.
Her ears had heard.
"Wait for me"

Gorakhpur was a bride now.
It was ready,
Welcome home,

Days passes by.
Eager faces waited.
One face,

The dust rose,
the last time it had done was an year ago.
A truck made its way;
into the chowk.

A pair of salutes;
followed the knocks on the door.
She stood agonised.

The crowd behind,

The matyr came,

Sunday, October 28, 2007


There is no sand in it;
the hour glass has gone empty.
Time has stood still,
fall into to perenial darkness.

She stands up there.
Head held high.

Can I see you there??
Can I sense you?
Can you?

Bring on the pain.
I wont survive without it now.

The mountain was never too high;
the river was never too deep;
the desert was never too dry;
It was only the love;
It was far too hollow.

Bleak images,
flash by.

Down the narrow,
old crooked lane;
I search for answers.

Obscure thoughts,
prick the mind.
Drops of melancholy,
slide down.

Only if she knew,
stakes were never
this high.

Lesson is learnt.
False feelings.

your best teacher.

Rise to the occasion.
I'm ready.
Where are you?

Lost soul,
I'm searching.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Men in White

And they talk about having better democracy,
People dying,children crying, women wailing.
The RED stars prevailing over.
A feeble voice squeaks - i want freedom.

They live in a horrible world,
mass-killings are the order of the day.
Yet the leader speaks,
"We thrive for peace"

The crowd remain perplexed about the situations.
"They" are godmen in sophisticated attires.
Belive them or you are in danger.
This is the situation.

They sing a different song each time,
Pretend as if they were 'chosen',
chosen to be up there,

Glimpses of their atrocity are manifold.
But the eyes that see seldom speak.
The clock ticks by,
they rise to power one by one.

Stop them,you get killed.
Challenge them,you get harrassed.
Pay them, you are in the news.
Ignore them,they don't care.

They are leaders, they are godmen.
they are GOD.

HER Departure

She stood below the stairs,
waiting for me.....
The blood of our Love was still warm.
We both felt it.

We were miles apart;
still we were very much in luv.

She breathed her last, the last month,
I can still see her in the smoke.
She glares with her anxious eyes.
I feel her ubiquitous prescence.

Put me into a tranquil,
shes gone.
All it needed was five brutal men
They tore her apart.

Revenge is always sweet - they say.
This one has to be bloody,vicious.

The days are all nights,
the nights become hell.
I am on the prowl.
One grasp and it will be done.

My dreams are gone.
Bloodspill is what i desire.
Her laughter still rings in my ear.
Today would have been the third year of us being together.

We laughed,we enjoyed,we were fun.
They relished!
She comes in the smoke among the clouds.
She dissapears again.

Oh! i feel so helpless..
I can't bear it anymore.
I'm coming to rip u apart
I'm coming......


He sits with a glum face,
waiting for one of those ;
helpless clients.
With cards displaying images manifold

Worried faces come in with great apprehension,
expecting to return home happy.
Fate unravels itself,
the fortune teller speaks.

He interpreted many a hands,read numerous horoscopes.
Some left elated, others sceptic.
(And the parrot fluttered around)

Placing his woven turban on the earthen floor.
He washed the multicoloured vermillion off his forehead.
His soul was parched,
there was no one to solve his own problems.

The walls were crumbling down,
the thatched roof did all but protect.
The two cows he owned were thinnig by the day.
Most importantly - the parrot had died the last night.

He was in his sixties,
all frail and weak.
His eyes were shrinking;
and he talked in shivers.

The Great Flood had swept away his house;
he built this one , it took him 5 gruelling years.
Only to be burned by the local goon,
the leader's marriage was on the rocks.

He wished there was someone,
someone to help him.
Knock Knock -
there came another one.
It was business as usual.

The next day he was found lying in his chamber.
The cards were smeared with his scarlet.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Ligths fall , get ready,
the drum beats starts gettin louder.
The shrill of the guitar is humming.
Rise my Rockstar,
for the people are waiting to hear,
Turn over a new leaf.

Stunned by his own countenance,
the hero replies:
"I'm too lean...."
He forgets what he is.
A faint voice says:
"Rise my hero,awake, the world's waiting.

The Rockstar is even more amazed,
He still has a fan,
jolts back to reality.

A FAN?...He has thousands of them,
just look out from his window
You'll even find a sexagenerian waiting.
For he has been proven innocent,
Of what?...Ask of what not!

"Struggle" was the moral of his story,
banished by his own will,he finds a new Roger.
He picks up the mikestand.
A star is re-born.

Silver Lining

The sky lightens up , promises crop up.
Future suddenly starts seems so bright.
Its time to chalk out thr lows and the highs.
Gather all your forces,put in all your might,
Let not each second tick by wasted.

What if all hopes are gone? Energise yourself
Look ahead, the sun rises on the horizon;Its a new tommorrow.
Leave all our frustrations,failures and dissapointments on your old shelf.
Prepare for the bigger battle ; ne ready to beat the biggest sorrows.
Whats the anxiety for? For every cloud has a silver lining.

Look into your inner self , search for that great soul.
Time will tell you , "I can't really wait".
Your courage will stand a testimony to everything you do.
Fight against life and 'it" in return will make you its best mate.

Use your frailest weapon - Your mind;
and see it becoming the strongest.
Thrive for the truth,
There's nothing more worth than the ultimate prize.


I'm mundane, i'm an object;
I am what i am.

Centuires pass by , winds blow away
I reamain the very "thing" i always was.

I'm subdued by them,i'm exploited
Love and Hatred are now the same thing.

I light up the fire of the deep emotion,
to burn each hidden passion.

I'm sick and tired of aspirations,
all i want is eternal rest.

My senses are numb,
feelings are none

Emotions stop boggling in my mind
I'm leaving.....