Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ressurection of the Musical Ghost

with a guitar,
between his legs;
he sings.
she loves.

"where do you put your lips?"
he puts them on the lip of the hour glass.
he smells.
he visualises.

Red star dimly diminishes,
becomes the white land.
and the hour glass shatters on the string less guitar.

And then,
the sandy wind blows over the silky magic.
and the lovers part under it,
to sing two songs.

and then the harmonica,
bleeds on the iron violin.
sweet ,sweet.
by gone baby!

Cigarettes and cocaine,
my harp has become sane.
the ghosts come and sing me lullabies,
stories of slumber and dream.

blurry visions of the sub conscious.

Leonard, Leonard.
Dylan and misDylan.
love the others as well,
my strings burn.

produce the lover,
produce the music.
sleep her songs.

My music god never,
you never sing,
my art god,
never loves.

he dreams Jibanananda singing with Freud.

My music is a ghost,
tends to die.
but each time the ears sing to them,
they come alive.


iRa said...
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iRa said...

well i guess it'll be sing and not sings in context to this line "to sings two songs"....
Its gr8 t read it coz of its lucid flow.......but the best part I must say are your illustrations....It makes me or infact every reader feel that u actually write keeping the illustration in mind........

Shreyasee said...

the ghosts come and sing me lullabies,
stories of slumber and dream.
loved the concept....gr8 work...

Anonymous said...

wat an imaginativ powr...hats off 2 ya...

"My music is a ghost,
tends to die.
but each time the ears sing to them,
they come alive."

wndrful it up..

Lotus said...

Thats the thinking chin resting on the fingers singing a song of the ghost of music...

each stanza like reeds of harmonica...U sing it and it sings to u ...

Niits said...

as usual.. amazingly fluid train of thots.. very beautifully versed illustrations..n a very mature finish! It keeps getting better dude! :)

Tiger Lily said...

yea...and to think u came up with this in college...if i remember correctly we were all sitting at the ac canteen when u came up with this....of course taht time ur hand writing was so bad i technically didn't get head or tail of ur write up.
now i shall tell u-
" i like it. the similarities and images framed are phenomenal!!"

Debs said...


Yes, that was a typing error.


I wrote this in 'his' class with a 'perception'. You get it, don't you?

Amrita said...

I don't think I need to tell you that it's pretty good. As already mentioned by ALMOST everybody lovely illustrations..makes it a wonderful read..rather follows an unusual harmony..which is nice..

Carry on the good work =)


Tiger Lily said...

oh yea...i get that.

Dripto said...

gr8 job dude!!

dusn dat sound a bit lyk Cobain writing?! i lykd it! gr8!!

amrita ray said...

your recent works leave me intimidated every time i decide to comment.
anyway...i think it is a symphonic work...and somehow i can connect with it...i loved the last few creates a sense to linger on...
i look forward to reading more...

Debs said...

@ Dripto

Why Cobain? Anything morbid has to be of Cobain cult?

kaushik said...

wtf was that supposed to be? poetry is an art, my friend, not random lines bunched together in an effort to be 'cool'.

Debs said...


Show some some poetry, my friend. Let me learn as well.

Dixie said...

You write very well.