Wednesday, October 15, 2008


who do you love,
when you remember that the stars which
rain on the black void?

Do you think of the white paddy fields,
which sway
to the bloodbath?

Let me tell you woman,
I have seen nylon bullets
pierce your existence.
Why must you live then?
Why must not you cry?


do you still please the Rabbi?
sing to him,
songs of Rumi and love?

Whom do you think of,
when he the Rabbi declares himself,
to be the,
And, then explores you.

Don't you hate,
your sadist uncle for once?
He who sold you to him,
after making you a bloody Eve?

soothe my girl", he said
and dissapeared into the blue air.

did not you study Pseudolus?

Pray, Rabbi.


My woman,
welcome to the land of imageries.
Do you see yourself in the molten mirror?
Do you see the blood diamond,
on the cold head?

The far away woods,
call the sepentine laws to them.

Your diamond is lost.

Then why does your neck,
still smell of the
stealth and hunger?

do you have the answer?


The bosoms are like the enemy lines,
you feel brave,
yet timid,
the senses are like the no man;s land.
you remain so confused.

My woman,
they are fighting over nuclear and automobile
Do you see the anger?
do you remember the Rabbi's floral smell,
in such a day?


I remember the Rabbi's song,
in a stormy, dusty day,
Your farewell song.
But girl,
I'm your friend,

Do you remember?
the talks and the debates?
of uncles and freaks?


they who think,
never think.
The Rabbi who thinks he thought,
is thinking.


Woman, girl, female.
Whatever you are.
I killed the Rabbi.
Do you remember me now?

will you remember me?
After your farewell.


Jishu said...

3rd line...correct kor.

Tiger Lily said...

"Dont u see the difference?. Days before yesterday when she created music with her crystal fingers. She was incomplete as a woman.
But now as time steals time away and the tears roll down her cheeks, she is complete. Isn't it a good thing to have happened????"

Deeptesh said...

"Those who think,never think". I love this idea and the jerky pace.Your poem definitely is worth 'remembrance' as the last lines have a lingering music.Reminds me of the last couple of lines of Solitary Reaper.But the question lends more power.And thanks 4 ur comment on my blog!


zombey_-/\-_ said...

sesky :)

Debs said...




And, I licked the musuic and sang with my silvery voice.


I do not remember the lines. What was it again?

Amri_Moo said...

This be good piece of poetry,
Don't you see that already?

Oh just one li'l thing, I think it should be 'I have SEEN mylon bullets'..? In your 3rd stanza.

Awesome!..I need to read the book you've read recently to get new adjectives.

Amri_Moo said...



Sulakshana said...

dekhechish....ganja na khele tor matha koto fertile hoye jaye....awesome man!!!!!!!

Debs said...

@ Amrita

yes, I loved the book. Could not mug it though. And, misktake rectified

@ Sulakshana
How do you know I was not actually under it?

Anonymous said...

kheya here..

I must congratulate you for this.
it reminds me of a certain book i sam bourne...

it is powerful yet vulnerable and amidst a lot of discomfort there is this sense of tranquility.wonderful.

Dripto said...

they who think,
never think.
The Rabbi who thinks he thought,
is thinking."

i likd it very much...n jishu's said da rest!

The Wize Witch said...

very good poetry.

Debs said...

@ W2

Thank you! :)