Thursday, March 26, 2009


I lost my poem,
lost long back.

I wish I never find it,
things of blue-black origin
search for it,
I lost my poem.

- - -

It is just not coming,
not even when I wriggle my insides,
not even when I rack my senses.
It's gone.

Lines are cliched,
sand is white.
Love is not over,
lines are.

- - -

This probably ends here.
Spaces and corners,
are filled with,
fluids of emptiness.

Emptiness is filled with,
all I never knew,
is what I do not.

- - -



Moo said...

never let it go.

one of your best.


Deeptesh said...

An artiste's repentance on losing his loved creation......or has the pain of procreating newer forms turned out to be too over-bearing?I liked the confessional element in this and I have always loved your diction.Nice one :-)

MAHI said...

amazing Debs!!!
m stealing 2lines from over here...u'll know which...

Moo said...


Debs said...


Trust me, this is out of sheer emniemniness.


Err, I think I know which ones.


deepteshpoetry said...

I hope ur quiz went well.....there's a new poem on my blog..pls chk it out.And when r u coming over?I'm waiting for u.

Do c my poem.

Moo said...

Neka Postoh.

Inam said...

The song shall return some day, with a different colour, it's like goodbye till we meet again. Cheers!

The Sea Witch said...

a poem
about the lack of poetry

heartbreakingly so

Atindriyo said...

heartfelt you.....

Aparajita Bhattacharya said...

This was nice. Unique, even. I think this is the first time I've read a poem that says that the poet can no longer write a poem.
Why don't you update your blog? Or does "Last" indeed mean the last? Is this blog dead?

Aparajita Bhattacharya said...

Coleridge's feelings on losing all of Kubla Khan (except for the fragment he'd already written down) might have been expressed this, had he been a more modernistic and not a Romantic poet.

Abira said...

da poem says u dont have lines to rite.....u have forgotten wat poetry is but ur poetry is in ur me!!!!!!!!!

Debs said...


It is mixed. In a way, I feel I have lost my touch. But, else I feel there is more to come. :)

Aparajita Bhattacharya said...

Will definitely look forward to more of your works, if they are indeed to come.

By the way, the post that you read on my blog is not one of the best. I'd really like you to read "The Music Room" and comment on it.

Aparajita Bhattacharya said...

Read the fiction, will you?!

yash gupta said...

you are an inspiration, bro!!

Debs said...

@ Yash

What? :O

yash gupta said...

ya, ur poems are amazing!

Kiran Sharma said...

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